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Traditional Winter Carnival Festivities in Kotor: February 3-25

Overview of the Event

The Nikola Đurković Cultural Center (KC) in Kotor has announced the schedule for the traditional winter carnival festivities. These events, rich in diversity and entertainment, are set to take place from February 3rd to February 25th. The KC is organizing the carnival with support from the Kotor Tourist Organization (TO).

Grand Opening and Key Events

Opening Ceremony

The festivities will kick off with a grand opening on Saturday at 14:00 in Prčanj, including the ceremonial raising of the carnival flag. This will be followed by the Prčanj Carnival and a children’s masquerade, organized by the NGO “Bope” and the local community of Prčanj.

Evening Performances

Adi Šoše is slated to perform on the city waterfront at 20:00 on the opening day, as part of the Kotor Winter Festivities or Kotor Winter Fest, in collaboration with KC.

Special Carnival Events

Prčanj “Pašticada” and Musical Entertainment

The carnival days will be marked by two notable events: the Prčanj “Pašticada” at the Dom slobode on February 10 at 19:00, followed by an evening concert by Stela Rado at the Kotor waterfront.


Carnival Noodle Competition

A Carnival Noodle Competition is scheduled at the Kamelija Shopping Center on February 16 at 19:00.

Children’s Masquerade and Black and White Reduta

In partnership with the Kamelija Shopping Center, a Children’s Masquerade will begin on February 17 at 17:30. The evening will conclude with the “Black and White Reduta” at the Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay Resort.

Grand Masquerade Event

A grand masquerade is set for Friday, February 23, at 21:00 at the Vukšić Business Center.

Carnival Finale

Grand Carnival Parade and Concerts

The festivities will culminate on Sunday, February 25, with a grand carnival parade, a mock trial and burning of the carnival figure, and concerts by local bands Vis Tetra and Toć. The day will also feature a performance by Crvena Jabuka at the Arms Square.

Publication of “Karampana”

The humorous-satirical newspaper “Karampana” will be published on carnival day. Contributions for the newspaper can be submitted at the Stone Kiosk in front of the main city gates.

Call for Carnival Participation

The organizing committee encourages all interested carnival groups and individuals to apply for financial assistance for mask creation. Applicants should provide the following details: name of the carnival group or individual, mask name, number of group members, mask description, bank account number, and contact phone of the responsible person.

Financial Assistance for Masks

Group masks will receive up to 400 euros in assistance (for groups with 6 or more members), and individual masks will be allocated 40 euros per person.


Submission of Applications

Applications can be submitted at the Cultural Center offices every working day from 09:00-14:00 or via email at [email protected].

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