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Sports in Montenegro

Which sports are popular in Montenegro?

Sports have become a vital element of Montenegrin life, and they contribute significantly to the country’s tourism industry. If you enjoy sports, Montenegro is an excellent area to visit, with numerous possibilities to pick from.

Football is still king in Montenegro

Popular Sports in Montenegro Football – or soccer as our American friends call it – is by far the most popular sport in Montenegro and Europe. While Montenegro has not qualified for the World Cup finals as yet, it is not through a lack of trying.

Basketball, handball, and water polo are also widely popular, with many Montenegrin athletes participating in these sports at both the national and international levels. In fact, Montenegro won their first-ever Olympic medal in London in 2012 in Handball.

Montenegro has made tremendous progress in basketball since becoming an independent nation in 2006. its national basketball team has competed in prominent events such as EuroBasket and the FIBA World Cup, with its best finish of fourth place in EuroBasket 2011. The Montenegrin women’s team has also performed admirably, reaching the semi-finals of EuroBasket Women in 2015.

What are the most famous teams in Montenegro?

Famous Teams in Montenegro Football is the most popular sport in Montenegro, and there are several local teams that have gained fame both in Montenegro and in the surrounding regions. The most famous teams include FK Buducnost Podgorica, FK Sutjeska Niksic, and FK Zeta Golubovci.

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FK Buducnost’s home matches take place at the Stadion Pod Goricom, located in the city of Podgorica. This stadium, which is the largest football stadium in Montenegro, also serves as the home ground of the Montenegro national football team. Originally, the stadium had a capacity of about 12,000 spectators, but this was expanded to 15,230 with the addition of the north and south stands.

The team developed numerous top-tier European players, including UEFA Champions League victors Dejan Savićević and Predrag Mijatović, who were strikers. FK Budućnost is affiliated with the Budućnost Podgorica sports society.

In basketball, KK Buducnost Podgorica is the most famous team, while in handball, RK Buducnost Podgorica is the most renowned. VK Primorac Kotor and VK Jadran Herceg Novi are the most famous water polo teams in Montenegro.

Which famous players has Montenegro produced?

Famous Football Players from Montenegro Montenegro has produced some exceptional football players who have made a name for themselves both in Montenegro and in the international football scene. Stevan Jovetic, Mirko Vucinic, Stefan Savic, Nikola Vukcevic, and Marko Vesovic are some of the most famous football players from Montenegro.

Dejan Savićević is widely recognized as one of the best Montenegrin footballers of all time, leaving an everlasting impact on the sport with his amazing talents and exploits. Savićević, an attacking midfielder, impressed fans with his technical skills, creativity, and goal-scoring abilities. During his time at AC Milan, he became a significant component in the club’s success, winning three Serie A titles and playing an important role in their UEFA Champions League victory in 1994. Savićević is regarded as one of Montenegro’s greatest football players due to his skill on the pitch, significant goals, and contributions to his teams.

Montenegro has produced several notable basketball players who have made their mark internationally. Nikola Vučević, a skilled center, has had a successful career in the NBA, earning All-Star honors and establishing himself as one of the league’s top big men. Nikola Mirotić, a versatile forward, has played in both the NBA and EuroLeague, showcasing his scoring ability and outside shooting. Bojan Dubljević, a talented center, has been a consistent performer in the EuroLeague, earning recognition for his skillful post play and scoring touch. These players, among others, have contributed to Montenegro’s basketball success and have become renowned figures in the sport. With their talent and potential, Montenegrin basketball continues to grow and has a promising future ahead.

Watching Matches in Montenegro

If you’re interested in watching sports in Montenegro, there are several stadiums and arenas where you can enjoy live matches. Ticket prices are generally affordable, and you can buy them online or at the stadium.

If you’re interested in attending a game in Podgorica, you can buy tickets online or at the stadium on the day of the match. The FK Buducnost Podgorica, one of the most popular football teams in Montenegro, plays their home matches at the Podgorica City Stadium, which has a capacity of 15,230 seats.

You can buy tickets online through the FK Buducnost Podgorica website ( or at the stadium on the day of the match. Ticket prices vary depending on the importance of the match and the seating location, with prices ranging from €3 to €15.

The Podgorica City Stadium is easily accessible by public transportation, and there are also plenty of parking options near the stadium. It’s recommended to arrive at the stadium at least 30 minutes before the start of the match to avoid long queues and ensure a good seat. With its passionate fans and exciting matches, attending a game in Podgorica is a great way to experience the sports culture of Montenegro.

If however, you can’t watch the game in person, we would recommend Marco Polo. This sports bar is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, and it’s the perfect place to catch a basketball game or any other sports event. Marco Polo is located in the heart of Podgorica, just a short distance from the city center. The bar features multiple TVs and a big screen, so you won’t miss a moment of the action. The atmosphere is lively and energetic, with fans cheering on their favorite teams. In Kotor, we recommend the Harbour Pub, whilst not a sports bar does cater for games as does the Old Town Pub in Budva.

Are there any local sports that are played in Montenegro?

Local and Traditional Sports in Montenegro Apart from the popular sports, Montenegro also has some local and traditional sports that are worth exploring. Boćanje, a form of bowling, is a popular traditional sport that is played in many towns and villages throughout the country. Rukomet, a traditional ball game, and Crna Gora, a form of wrestling, are also traditional sports that are still played in Montenegro.


In addition, we are also seeing the advent of new sports – including cricket in Porto Montenegro. Porto Montenegro now hosts the Mediterranean cricket league boosting the profile of this sport. Porto Montenegro also hosts the Polo in the Port. Annually, in Porto Montenegro’s Arena, the tournament offers fans the chance to witness the prestigious “Sport of Kings” against the stunning backdrop of a coastal location.

cricket in Montenegro
Cricket in Porto Montenegro

In conclusion, sports are an integral part of Montenegrin culture, and they play an important role in promoting tourism in the country. Whether you’re interested in football, basketball, handball, water polo, or local and traditional sports, Montenegro has plenty to offer. So, be sure to experience the sports culture in Montenegro on your next visit!

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