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The Chedi Luštica Bay Comprehensive Review!

The best luxury hotel in Montenegro? Okay, it might be a bit dangerous to open with grand proclamations and statements of certainty, but The Chedi in Luštica Bay is that sort of place. There is no doubt here, no confusion, no unease. Luštica Bay is a development that embraces its own truth, and The Chedi is the perfect poster child for Montenegro’s rapidly developing exclusive nirvana.

Luštica Bay has very few accommodation options, but that doesn’t matter. What it does have is The Chedi, a pretty magnificent hotel that deserves its position in the upper echelons of luxury tourism in Montenegro.

The Chedi Lustica Bay

Entering the Chedi

The best hotels sparkle from the get-go, and The Chedi positively shines. The experience begins on the approach to Luštica Bay itself, as the resort practically appears out of nowhere, delicately placed on the water’s edge with towering forests all around. Whereas other luxury spots like Porto Montenegro try to ally resort tourism with the bustle of small towns, Luštica Bay focuses on itself and itself alone. If you want to get away from it all, Luštica Bay does not disappoint.

In fact, the word ‘disappoint’ isn’t in the vocabulary, certainly not at The Chedi. The staff are all smiles and conversation, and the latter is arguably what initially sets this place apart from other five-star hotels throughout the country. There is no sense of rehearsal about the check-in process, no feeling of repetition, no going through the motions. Every staff member is, for want of a less obvious description, a living, breathing human being with stories to tell and joy to give. The information is all there, but the staff at The Chedi aren’t robots playing their roles. They are not indistinguishable from each other. They are all tremendous, enthusiastic, and charming.


In short, they are genuinely excited by the entire process and enthused by the beauty of their surroundings. The Chedi’s staff seem to understand that we are all blissfully lucky to be who we are and where we are, and check-in becomes more than a ticking of boxes and an exchanging of documents and keys. 

All that without mentioning the wet towels for cooling down, the homemade iced tea and fresh berries for refreshment, and the biscuit for, well, when is a biscuit ever a bad idea? If you can judge a hotel by the quality of its check-in process, The Chedi Luštica Bay is in a Montenegrin league of its own.

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The Rooms at the Chedi Lustica Bay

Rooms at the Chedi Lustica Bay
Rooms at the Chedi Lustica Bay

Somehow, someway, the rooms are even better. As with many large luxury hotels in Montenegro, the journey from reception to bedroom could be more straightforward, involving multiple elevators, skywalks, and corridors, but all is forgotten when the door opens. The rooms at The Chedi are exquisite. Soothing colours create a peaceful environment, with pastel curtains and soft oranges blending in and out of the spacious surroundings. The beds are enormous, the linen is soft but firm, and there are more pillows than anyone could ever need. Of course, if you need more pillows, more are always available. Just ask reception. Everything in the room is perfectly in place, from the complimentary olives, mandarins, and dried fruit to the slippers, water bottles, biodegradable dental kits, vanity sets, and shaving tools.

Room inspection at the Chedi Lustica Bay

Sustainability at the Chedi

The Chedi Luštica Bay might sit at the top of the table for luxury hotels in Montenegro, but the hotel isn’t an exercise in indulgence. Quite the opposite; sustainability and green focus are at the heart of everything it does. The team has worked tirelessly since opening to reduce the carbon footprint per room, already significantly below the global industry average and moving in the right direction all the time. The signs are apparent around the room, from the amenities mentioned above to subtle towel and linen usage reminders. Daily service isn’t a necessity, after all. 

Bathroom Chedi Lustica Bay

The Chedi’s green initiatives go way beyond toothbrushes and towels. Recycling isn’t just an option; it is an ethos, and the amount of plastic used in the hotel is constantly being reduced. Moreover, The Chedi Luštica Bay works closely with the wider Luštica Bay community to ensure efficiency in everything from garbage disposal to waste reduction. One of the significant advantages of building such a place from scratch is the opportunity to breed good habits from the get-go, and The Chedi is a triumph of the process. Guests can donate unwanted items to regional charities, and all linen is eventually given to hospitals and orphanages. At the other end of the scale, The Chedi Luštica Bay was home to Montenegro’s first Tesla Destination Chargers, receiving them in 2018. Today, the hotel has three Tesla and two Porsche charging points, free to use for hotel guests. 

Food at the Chedi

The Chedi Luštica Bay is a sustainability juggernaut, but don’t assume this means it is stripped back in all areas. A cursory glance at breakfast makes this abundantly clear, with a gorgeous spread offering a range of early morning eats for all appetites. Nothing is left to chance as two smiling staff members greet you with all you need to know. You might even get offered a colourful concoction of fruits, a delicious pick-me-up before the gluttony begins. 

the Restaurant - the chedi Lustica Bay
The restaurant

Because make no mistake about it, breakfast lovers are in heaven here. Breakfast at The Chedi Luštica Bay is a two-pronged affair, with an a la carte menu covering eggs and sweet options while the extensive buffet covers everything from meats to cheese via salads, baked goods, fruit, and more. To cut a long story short, if you want it for breakfast, you’ll find it here. Pork products are also separate and carefully labelled, another example of The Chedi’s attention to detail that might otherwise go ignored. The coffee? Sublime, but what else would you expect?

Eating at the Chedi
Eating at the Chedi

Luštica Bay is a small community that is growing all the time, but its relatively isolated position means The Chedi plays a more significant role than might be expected of an ordinary hotel. The hotel’s on-site restaurant, The Spot, is arguably the finest dining spot in town, with a menu that seamlessly flows from international dishes during lunch hours to a Japanese-themed experience at night. Where possible, local produce is used and beautifully prepared into flavours from around the world, a triumph of fresh ingredients and elite culinary ability in the kitchen. The Spot is fantastic, but The Rok is something else entirely. The Chedi’s second dining location is a short walk from the hotel directly above the private beach, and its down-to-earth atmosphere blends delightfully with sea views and minimalist design. The burgers are incredible, although guests can be forgiven for assuming ‘incredible’ is the norm at a place like The Chedi.

the Rok
The Rok – Lustica Bay

All of which might sound a little too celebratory and doe-eyed, but The Chedi deserves every compliment it receives. This five-star hotel aims high and achieves higher, an intricately designed space that leaves nothing to chance, a hotel that focuses entirely on its guests without ignoring its surroundings. It is five stars in every possible category, without even celebrating the tranquillity offered in its spa, the splendour of its private beach, or the immensely photogenic arrangement of morning coffees and evening cocktails. The Chedi Luštica Bay gets everything right. 

Our opinion

rooms at the chedi lustica bay
A room with a view

High-end hotels in Montenegro rarely achieve this consistency of quality in every sphere, but The Chedi Luštica Bay isn’t your standard five-star hotel. The Chedi isn’t portraying what it assumes a five-star hotel looks and feels like. It isn’t playing the role of luxury. It isn’t trying to ape what works in other parts of the world. The Chedi Luštica Bay is laser-focused on what makes it unique, from the moment you arrive until long after you leave. The best luxury hotel in Montenegro? The Chedi Luštica Bay will take some beating, that is for sure.

Disclaimer: This review was conducted independently, and the trip was entirely self-funded by the reviewer. Note: All opinions expressed are solely those of the reviewer. Please be aware that this article contains affiliate links, and any purchases made through such links may result in a commission for the publisher at no additional cost to you.

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