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Should I visit Petrovac or Bar?

Deciding between visiting Petrovac or Bar can presents a wonderful dilemma. Both of these stunning cities provide an ideal getaway destination for fun time on the Adriatic coasts.

From mesmerising beaches to incredible cultural amenities and delicious food, Bar and Petrovac can offer a lot. Therefore, in our blog, we will present you with all you can expect in these wonderful cities in order to make a decision when planning your Montenegro itinerary.



Petrovac, a picturesque town on the Adriatic coast, has a long history dating back to the Romans, who visited this area due to its stunning beauty. The main attraction is picturesque promenade adorned with palm and pine trees, some of which are centuries old.

Historical allure

The historical treasures of Petrovac, hidden in plain site, among which is the most iconic one is Kastel Lastva, a Venetian fortification. This spot has a stunning view of the coastline and surrounding cliffs. This is the best sunset spot in the city, which you can enjoy also by sipping coffee or vine in nearby cafes and restaurants.

Kastel Lastva - Fortress - Hotel Riva
Kastel Lastva – Fortress – Hotel Riva

Natural Wonders

Besides the historical amenities, the natural landscape is essentially what attracts tourists to this tiny coastal paradise. People primarily choose to visit Petrovac for its stunning, kid-friendly beaches. There is plenty of space with a lot of playgrounds next to three beautiful beaches: City beach, Buljarica, and Lucice.

Pristine sand beaches near the promenade are the hub of activity during summer, where you can swim, dive or simply enjoy the sun. On top of these, the most popular spots for water sports and enjoyment is also the Perazica Do. Reached only by boat or kayak, Perazica Do offers a perfect spot for snorkeling and a more private beach experience. If you are up for more calm experience, then visit the charming cove of Lučice Beach, which is also a very calm and beautiful environment to spend the day at.

Perazica Do beach
Perazica Do beach

Besides typical seaside attractions, Petrovac can offer a bit of adventure. This costal gem is one of the best paragliding destinations in Montenegro. Take off from Buljarica Beach on tandem paragliding flights for stunning aerial views of Petrovac, its beaches, and the faraway islands of Sveta Nedelja and Katic.

These islands are also attractions on their own as it is surrounded by local legends and has a tiny church which is open for visitors. You may reach them by boat or kayak and tour the shipwreck site, where you can ring the bell for good health and happiness.

All this makes this town a spot with layers of beauty waiting to be discovered. If you want to wander charming streets and immerse yourself in its historical and natural attractions in a small, confined area, then look no further than Petrovac.


A captivating port city in the south of the country is Bar. It is a cornerstone of Montenegro’s’ traditional heritage and modern connectedness with the world. Once a border between the Eastern and Western Roman Empire, today stands as a proud reminder of ancient times.

Architectural marvels

The highlight of the historical allure of Bar comes from the Fortress in Old Bar. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, marked by preserved walls and ancient ruins that craft a unique atmosphere. In this area you can stroll around old markets and cabblestone streets filled with vibrant restaurants that keep up with the traditional appearance.

Old Town Bar
Old Town Bar

On your way to the Old City, make sure to visit the Old Olive Tree, also known as Stara Maslina, which is estimated to be over 2000 years old. It is set in a peaceful surrounding that is especially prized by locals who sell here homemade olive oil, one of the best in the region.

Coming back to the historical monument that is a landmark of the Bar is King Nikola’s Castle on the city’s main promenade. A few steps away from the sea, this palace turned into a museum and is one of the great architectural marvels both from inside and outside, with lush gardens that are open for visitors.

Another architectural wonder and landmark on Bar’s skyline is the Church of Saint John Vladimir. Built as homage to the orthodox saint and legend that ties it to the city, it represents a masterpiece of modern religious architecture. Inside, you can enjoy some of the marvellous examples of exquisite frescoes and iconography that will leave you mesmerised.

Nature to explore

Besides architectural marvels, Bar has plenty of natural wonders that are worth visiting. Primarily, its beaches are nice, although they are more stone than sand beaches. Therefore kids in particular are not very fond of. However, in close proximity to the city centre, you can find a few small, secluded paradises. An example is Red Beach, where you get to enjoy a completely different landscape.

Medjurijec canyon
Medjurijec canyon – TO Bar

On top of this, Bar offers great hiking trails and extreme sport opportunities, particularly in Rikavac and Medjurec canyons. Here, you can admire spectacular nature and get a bit of adrenalin as the view is breathtaking.

Besides canyons, a more peaceful option is a visit to Skadarsko Lake. You can reach it by car or by train, which offers scenic views of the landscapes. Here you can choose one of many boat rides that will tell you all about the Balkan’s biggest lakes.


Finally, the Bar’s main attraction is its marina, home to numerous yachts docked throughout the year. These, together with shipping and passenger boats, make a unique scenery which attracts tourists. However, the ultimate reason to visit this spot is the iconic sunsets, which will stay carved in your memory.

Final verdict

Observing the main attractions in both Petrovac and Bar, it is easy to conclude that each has something to offer to its visitors. If you are seeking a more peaceful, calm and cosy vacation with kids, then Petrovac is the ultimate destination. On the other hand, for a more active, adventurous and exploring holiday, look no further than Bar.

Despite all the pros and cons, what is important to note is that these two cities are a 30-minute drive from each other, so you can easily visit both in order to have a complete experience in Montenegro.

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