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An Insider’s Guide to the Nightlife in Podgorica

Exploring the nightlife in Podgorica is a journey on its own. Montenegrins, especially locals in the capital city, love a good night out, enjoying the newest shows in the National Theatre or sipping drinks on numerous terraces and bars around the city with live music. However, the concept of going out in Podgorica doesn’t end there, as the parties can sometimes continue into the early morning hours.

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Therefore, those who visit Podgorica and want to know how it truly feels to live a Montenegrin life should explore the charms of its nightlife. With diverse hotspots like Ribnica, Bokeska Street, Biro, Kolektor, Sejdefa and Avlija, Podgorica proves that it’s not just a business place—it’s a destination for pleasure and entertainment as well.

With this in mind, keep reading as we give you detailed insight into spending a night in Podgorica.

Podgorica, the bustling capital

Podgorica is known for its multicultural environment, where the combination of modern quarters and old town areas creates a great blend of history and contemporary atmosphere. It offers a variety of entertainment options to keep you busy and relaxed while traveling.

Throughout the day, make sure not to miss a visit to landmarks such as the Millennium Bridge and the Clock Tower. On top of this, Podgorica also offers a few natural wonders, like Skadar Lake, just a 20-minute drive from the center, and the Moraca River, right in the heart of the city. The local culture is evident in everything from the architecture to the cuisine, which is best experienced in the country’s capital.

Millenium Bridge
Millenium Bridge

Art galleries like the Centre of Contemporary Art and museums like the Dvorac Petrovica are regular features of the city’s culture Adding to this richness is the Dzada Film Festival, an annual event showcasing local and international films, offering insights into the cinematic tapestry of Podgorica’s heritage.

Nightlife in Podgorica

When it comes to nightlife in Podgorica, it certainly brings a new vibe to the city. Podgorica’s mix of lifestyles and local history provides a tapestry of interesting events in different settings to enjoy.  There is no slow season in Podgorica, as you can have great fun nights out in both summer and winter. From a variety of festivals, cultural exhibitions, and fun party places, we have selected the ones where locals would typically go out and which represent the true core of going out in Podgorica:

National Theatre of Montenegro – CNP

The city center of Podgorica is home to the National Theatre of Montenegro. It offers diverse plays, ballets, and concerts focusing on certain aspects of Montenegrin heritage and lifestyle. Each item in their repertoire is focused on an important societal issue or a classical piece that is brought out in a completely refined set to follow a contemporary setting.

Montenegrin National Theatre in Podgorica
Montenegrin National Theatre

The theater often collaborates with international artists, giving you a taste of global culture without ever leaving the city. If you decide to visit, please don’t miss the play “Sceri Moja,”, one of the most awarded plays done by the local ensemble.

Location: 18 Bulevar Stanka Dragojevića, Podgorica

Ethno Jazz Club Sejdefa

Sejdefa Bar is a cultural spot in downtown Podgorica that provides traditional allure and alternative views of Montenegro. It is located a few steps from the National Theatre and has become famous for its authentic, cozy, and eclectic vibe.

Nightlife in Podgorica in Sejdefa
Night out in Sejdefa

A charming interior design and an intriguing selection of musicians and DJs playing music ranging from jazz and indie rock to soulful local melodies create this atmosphere. Sejdefa owners are very proud of their “home-like” environment, in which you can enjoy a versatile selection of cocktails and craft beers.

Location: 10 Bulevar Stanka Dragojevića, Podgorica

CKZ Ribnica

CKZ Ribnica is considered one of the best commercial hubs where people who listen to rock, pop, and techno music can find solace. The concept of Ribnica includes cultural programs such as plays and pop-up marketplaces throughout the day, while in the evening, it is the place to enjoy some of the most popular music.

Terace at the CKZ Ribnica -  Fondacija Budi Human
Terace at the CKZ Ribnica –  Fondacija Budi Human

It is also considered one of the alternative places in town, which is very popular thanks to the stunning names in the music industry from the Balkan region that took the stage in this incredible spot. Throughout the summer, Ribnica has an open terrace with a lot of greenery. In winter, the two-floor interior and several bars will ensure you have the time of your life, fully immersing yourself in the local scene of Podgorica.

Location: C7Q9+G87, Obala Ribnice, Podgorica

Bokeska Street

You cannot truly say you went out in Podgorica if you haven’t had a drink on Bokeska Street. It is located in the central area of Podgorica, and it is popular both during the day and especially during the night. Bokeska, together with nearby Njegoseva Street, represents the most popular spots where people in Podgorica go out to enjoy versatile live music or jump into a party.

Bokeska Street - Luka Zekovic
Bokeska Street – Luka Zekovic

It is very hard to select only one of the spots in the Bokeska since each bar has something new to offer, from a pop playlist to typical flok music. Therefore, it is best to stroll around and check out what suits you best. Once you make a decision and if you are lucky to find the table, as it is often packed with people, you can check out a very versatile menu that serves anything from gin and tonic to local rakija, and fun can start.


Biro is one of the most popular spots among foreigners for a night out in Podgorica. Its central location on Hercegovacka Street will make you intrigued, as it is set in one of the old houses that have still preserved their traditional looks.

This is a techno music hub with a unique concept, focusing on a house-like atmosphere that matches the exterior. Throughout the summer, they open a huge garden where a variety of world-famous DJs play their beats. All this makes Biro a mix of Berlin-like clubs with a dash of Montenegrin vibe that makes it feel so special.

Location: 19 Hercegovačka, Podgorica


You can’t fully explore the party scene in Podgorica without visiting Kolektor. This club once was a Soviet textile factory, whose brutalist architecture perfectly matches the techno-party vibes that are an ongoing theme here.

Party at Kolektor - Mediatag
Party at Kolektor – Mediatag

The event list in Kolektor is typically long and often features great DJs, guaranteeing a fun night out. This is one of the rare only-techno party places that foreigners love, as it reminds them of parties around the globe.

Location: Titex, Podgorica

Konoba Avlija

Avlija is a true symbol of a traditional night out in Podgorica. After getting a pre-drink on one of the Bokeska street terraces, the real party with typical folk music can start in the basement area of Avlija. Throughout the day, this is an esteemed restaurant, while at night, it becomes a hot spot, with numerous live music events or DJs that will immerse you in the Montenegrin experience.

Nightlife in Avlija

Here, you can also try various rakijas and enjoy good beers while soaking in the atmosphere, which will give you the best of what a night out in Podgorica is all about.

Location: C7V7+82 Podgorica, Montenegro


From the richly diverse theater productions at the National Theatre to the rhythmic allure of Sejdefa and CKZ Ribnica, Podgorica’s nightlife is a vibrant symphony of experiences. The city transitions seamlessly from a daily business hub to an entertainment capital by night.

Whether you’re into techno beats at Biro and Kolektor, the music mash of Bokeska, or traditional Montenegrin music at Avlija, there’s something for everyone. In a city where the sun never seems to set on fun, the options are as varied as they are exhilarating, so don’t miss out.

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