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Ladies Beach in Ulcinj: Montenegro’s Healing Sanctuary

Have you heard of Ladies Beach in Montenegro? This is a rare female-only beach located in a secluded area in the country’s south. Montenegro is rich in natural resources, and its coastline has beautiful beaches. Depending on your preferences, you can choose public or private beaches that either have sand or rocks with a picturesque view to dream of.

Ladies Beach in Ulcinj
Ladies Beach in Ulcinj

However, in this article, we bring you one of the well-kept secrets of Montenegro. Its most treasured beach has incredible medical benefits. Keep reading and discover what is so special about Ladies Beach in Ulcinj, Montenegro.

What Makes Ladies Beach So Special?

Ladies Beach, located in the Ulcinj municipality, is known as the “women’s heaven.” Namely, this stunning beach has incredible therapeutic water, which people visit for its healing powers. Sulfur, abundant in the sea along the shore, combined with salt from the Adriatic produces a therapeutic aerosol. Thus, bathing in this thermal water benefits your bones, skin, and even your internal organs.

Waters of the Ladies Beach were tested for the first time 81 years ago. Ever since, many analyses have been conducted which all point out the incredible medical effects of this place. On the shore, you can find healing traces of salt women typically put on their bodies or lay in. Again, thanks to the sulfur in the ground, it has positive effects on the body and, as experts claim, it has some healing powers on preexisting medical conditions.

Ladies Beach
Ladies Beach – Adriatica Apartment’s Photo

Healing Powers of the Water

Because of these natural minerals, the beach become popular among women who have trouble conceiving. It is believed among locals that water can help with infertility. Thus, many women have become frequent visitors to this incredible place. Locals often share advice that the healing powers of water and salt are better if you visit the beach multiple times. Also, it is worth noting that bathing in water as well as putting salt afterward on your skin for a few days improves the effect of minerals.

The pine forest that surrounds the beach is another element that creates this marvelous environment for treating the mentioned diseases. Regular visitors attest that the therapeutic benefits of the Ladies’ Beach are at their peak first thing in the morning. This incredibly peaceful environment with great nature only contributes to the healing powers many claim this beach has.

Besides medical effects, many believe the therapeutic sulfuric water at these beaches might help with skin conditions. Ladies Beach has been a popular spot if you are looking for skin care treatments. Many women choose to visit it to try and heal their eczema or psoriasis.

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Lastly, Ladies Beach is also a chosen destination for modestly dressed women. Given it is a female-only beach with a guard, it greatly suits women who prefer to cover themselves. However, it’s noteworthy that it isn’t forbidden to bathe without clothes. Thus many women on Ladies Beach choose to do so which is something to keep in mind.

Legend of the Ladies Beach

Ladies Beach, located in Ulcinj, is known for a unique legend that’s rooted in the local community, and many believe this spot has remarkable healing powers. The story behind this belief centers around a young couple, Unuc Alija and Sultaneta, who faced great difficulties in having children.

In those times, it was customary for a man to separate from his wife if she couldn’t bear children. This prospect was devastating for Alija and Sultaneta, to the point where Alija even considered a tragic and drastic solution. However, their story took a beautiful turn, all thanks to a dream that Alija’s mother had.

In her dream, an angel appeared and offered a simple yet mysterious solution: Sultaneta should bathe in a place where “the water has an odor.” Although it seemed unusual, the couple was willing to give it a try, and it became their last hope for having a child together.

This dream led them to Ladies Beach, and the rest, as they say, is history. The story of Unuc Alija and Sultaneta is one of the many tales that contribute to the fame of Ladies Beach, and it has become a symbol of hope and healing for many women who visit the place. Whether or not you believe in the legend, the story certainly adds a layer of enchantment to this already beautiful destination.

She went to the Ladies’ beach, as the water had an odor of sulfur, and bathed there daily for 21 days. Sultaneta soon became pregnant, fulfilling their prayers. They spread the word of this miraculous event and the healing powers of the water at the Ladies’ beach. Later in life, Sultaneta would bear many children, who would testify to the power of faith and the magic of the Ladies Beach.

Where is Ladies Beach?

As we mentioned, Ladies Beach is located in Ulcinj, the south municipality of Montenegro, on the border with Albania. This coastal city is famous for its peaceful and quiet surroundings, long history, and incredible mix of cultures, making it worth visiting. Many tourists choose Ulcinj for vacation or just to spend a day without the fuss of modern life.

In one of the hidden corners of Ulcinj, towards Ada Bojana and right between the two most famous beaches in Ulcinj: Small and Great Beach in Ulcinj, you can find a designated area with a fence and huge signs that state Ladies’ beach.

The Ladies Beach is easily reachable by local roads, following the map. From May until October, the beach is “reserved” exclusively for women. If you are a male foreign tourist who arrives unannounced during this time, the entrance guards will respectfully turn you away. However, during winter, when the swimming season is closed, men and children can visit. Throughout the entire year, the entrance is free.


This is the story of Ladies Beach in Ulcinj, a miraculous natural healing resort for many women who visit this gorgeous place in southern Montenegro. However, it is more than a pretty beach as its sulfuric waters. This women-only haven is rich in cultural tradition. The beach is even more attractive thanks to its rich mythology, notably the motivational story of Unuc Alija and his wife, Sultaneta.

The beach has become a place of hope for all those women who have been battling infertility issues. It has become a mecca for those interested in holistic approaches to beauty care.

You should go if you’re interested in visiting Ladies Beach in Ulcinj for the promise of peace, the chance to learn about a different culture, or the rumored health advantages. Take this trip and let this hidden jewel of Montenegro provide you with an experience you will remember.

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