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Kotor-Lovćen Gondola: Montenegro’s New Jewel in the Crown

Montenegro is a hidden gem in the Balkans, with its pristine beaches, rugged mountains, and rich cultural heritage. Now, a new project is set to make this beautiful country even more accessible to visitors. The Kotor-Lovćen Gondola, also known as the Leitner ropeway project, is a game-changer for Montenegro, connecting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kotor to the stunning Lovćen National Park.

Work in progress

Quick and Convenient Travel

The Kotor-Lovćen Gondola is a sea-to-mountain cable car that spans a distance of 3.9 kilometers and covers a vertical ascent of 1,316 meters. The journey takes less than eleven minutes, making it the quickest and most convenient way to travel from the beach to the mountains. Visitors can now enjoy stunning panoramic views of Montenegro’s rugged landscape, from the sparkling Adriatic Sea to the majestic Lovćen National Park.

A Project of Strategic Importance

The Kotor-Lovćen Gondola is a project of major strategic importance for Montenegro’s tourism industry. Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic has described the project as being “of major strategic importance to the country’s development as a tourist destination.” The gondola is expected to become one of the finest facilities of its kind in Europe, connecting two of Montenegro’s most emblematic places: the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kotor and Lovćen National Park.

Investment in the Future

The Kotor-Lovćen Gondola project involves a planned investment of €24.2 million and is a public-private partnership closely connected to the Montenegrin government. Leitner, in a project consortium with local enterprise Novi Volvox, is responsible not only for overseeing construction but also for maintaining and operating the cable car for the next 30 years.

Environmental Benefits

The Kotor-Lovćen Gondola is not only a quick and convenient way to travel but also offers significant environmental benefits. The cable car will almost completely eliminate the use of the winding old Njeguš road, significantly reducing carbon emissions from cars and buses and cutting down motorized traffic to a minimum. The project demonstrates Montenegro’s commitment to sustainable tourism and a more sustainable future.

Lovćen National Park

Lovćen National Park is one of Montenegro’s most spectacular natural preserves, located in the Dalmatian Mountains. The park covers an area of 62.2 square kilometers and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including several endemic species. The highlight of the park is the Mausoleum of Njegoš, which is located at the top of Mount Lovćen and offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. It is dedicated to Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, a 19th-century Montenegrin poet and philosopher who played a significant role in the country’s history.

Investment in Montenegro’s Future

The Kotor-Lovćen Gondola project is a significant investment in Montenegro’s future, demonstrating the country’s commitment to sustainable tourism and economic growth. Visitors to Montenegro will now have even more reasons to explore this beautiful country, and the convenience of traveling from the beach to the mountains in less than 20 minutes is an experience that visitors will not soon forget.

Overall, the Kotor-Lovćen Gondola is a game-changer for Montenegro, bringing new opportunities for economic growth and job creation, stimulating growth in the tourism sector, and creating a more sustainable future for the country. Visitors to Montenegro will now be able to enjoy the best of both worlds, with easy access to the stunning natural beauty of the mountains and the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic. This new infrastructure will make Montenegro an even more attractive destination for visitors, who will be able to experience the country’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty in a way that was not possible before.

As the Kotor-Lovćen Gondola project nears completion, excitement is building among both locals and visitors. This game-changing project is a testament to the power of public-private partnerships and the commitment of Montenegro’s government to sustainable tourism and economic growth. The cable car is expected to open in summer 2023, and it is sure to be one of the most popular attractions in Montenegro.


In conclusion, the Kotor-Lovćen Gondola project is a major milestone for Montenegro, representing a significant investment in the country’s future. The cable car will not only make traveling to Lovćen National Park easier and more convenient but also provide a more sustainable mode of transportation. This project will help to boost tourism, stimulate economic growth, and create new job opportunities, making Montenegro an even more attractive destination for visitors from around the world.

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