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Unearthing Žabljak’s Melodies: The Allure of the Wild Beauty Art Festival

The fifth edition of the Wild Beauty Art Festival will transform Žabljak from July 6 to August 14. Bearing the motto, “One for all, all for one”, the festival echoes the inspiring stories of the legendary musketeers, and their pursuit of virtue, freedom, and justice.

Embracing an Array of Talents During the festival, spectators will be thrilled by top-notch artists demonstrating a wide spectrum of musical styles and genres. The festival’s comprehensive program includes engaging visual displays and discussions revolving around environmental themes.

The renowned Zagreb Solisti ensemble, featuring concertmaster Sreten Krstić, will inaugurate the festival at Riblje jezera. The closing act will be the enthralling performance by Bilja Krstić and the Bistrik Orchestra at Durmitorsk Ratnika Square, located in the heart of Žabljak.

In between these two stunning performances, attendees will be captivated by the national youth jazz orchestra of Germany, the klapa Cambi from Zagreb, the vocal ensemble Kolegijum plus from Belgrade, Styrian accordion artist Jakob Steinkelner, actor John Tufts, and cellist Dmitry Prokofiev. Moreover, the festival will host two children’s operas and a unique joint concert by violinist Milica Žugić and harpist Branka Pejović.

While adhering to environmental regulations prohibiting music performances on Black Lake in the National Park zone, the festival will primarily take place in alternate picturesque locations across Žabljak.

Artistic director Ratimir Martinović emphasized that one of the festival’s key missions is to intertwine and celebrate the remarkable natural beauty of the region with inspiring artistic performances.

The event is celebrated as a significant platform for showcasing Montenegro, and specifically Žabljak, as a vibrant cultural hotspot that provides a globally appealing experience.

For the second consecutive year, One Montenegro will serve as the Wild Beauty Art Festival general sponsor. Besides offering financial support, One Montenegro is contributing by establishing a free Wi-Fi zone in central Žabljak during July and August. This move further underscores their commitment to fostering community growth through support for the arts, culture, and universal values.

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