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馃摎 Get Ready for the 18th International Podgorica Book Fair! 馃摎

Incoming 18th International Podgorica Book Fair!

Mark your calendars! The 18th International Podgorica Book Fair is set to dazzle us from May 10 to 17. Dive into a world of books at the beginning of Dalmatinska Street, right near the majestic Temple. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, the fair welcomes you every day from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m..

Special Guest Alert: France!

This year, we’re in for a treat as France joins us as a special guest. Celebrate the rich cultural connections between France and Montenegro through a journey of books and stories.

Support and Excitement

We’re thrilled to announce the backing of the Ministry of Culture and Media and the Capital City for this literary festival. Even Prince Nikola Petrovi膰 Njego拧 shared his excitement about France’s participation, highlighting the deep historical ties shared through culture and literature.

Behind the Scenes

The brains behind the fair, the Digital Dab agency, have been working tirelessly to craft an engaging campaign for all. Dragi Vujacic, the agency’s director, emphasized their commitment to attracting both seasoned readers and inspiring the youth to dive into the world of reading.

A Symbolic Edition

This year’s fair isn’t just any edition鈥攊t’s symbolic. With the number 18 echoing themes of growth and new beginnings, writer and analyst Stefan 膼uki膰 hinted at a deeper meaning, especially with France as the guest of honor. He also reminded us that despite the digital age’s challenges to our attention spans, books have never been more accessible鈥攆rom paperbacks to PDFs.

Stay Tuned!

Keep an eye out for another press conference before the fair kicks off, where we’ll unveil the complete list of participants. Let’s gear up for a week of exploration, learning, and fun at the International Podgorica Book Fair. See you there, book enthusiasts! 馃帀

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