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The International Klapa Singing Festival in Perast

International Klapa Singing Festival begins on Friday, September 8th at 8 pm in Perast. For those unfamiliar, Klapa singing is a traditional form of a cappella harmony singing that originates from the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Characterized by its melodious and harmonious tunes, Klapa typically involves a group of male or female voices singing in harmony, without any instrumental accompaniment. Its deep-rooted connection to the Adriatic coastal culture often evokes themes of love, wine, homeland, and sea, making it a cherished cultural treasure in the region.

This year, the usual competitive nature of the festival will be replaced by three evenings of showcase performances. Groups from both Croatia and Montenegro will be performing, as mentioned in the organizer’s statement.

On Friday night, in front of St. Nikola Church in Perast, children’s groups will perform. These include Perle from Kolašin, Canticum Angelicum from Zagreb, Škalinice from Ražanac, Maestral from Split, Margarita Bianca from Bijelo Polje, Zaveslaj from Šibenik, and Fortuna from Kotor.

Groups like Bellezza from Tivat, Štiglići and Camerton from Podgorica, Maris and Bisernice Boke from Kotor, and others will perform on the second festival night.

The final night is dedicated to the all-male group Šufit from Split.

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