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The Best Itinerary for Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi, located at the very end of the Bay of Kotorska, is notable for its distinct blend of Mediterranean charm, cultural heritage, and beautiful beaches. It is a little of the beaten path but a gorgeous (and hidden) place for visitors who are looking for a laid back and relaxed vibe. If you are in Montengro for some time, make room for Herceg Novi – and for that purpose we have what we believe to be the best itinerary for Herceg Novi.

Herceg Novi may be a comparatively unknown destination compared to other cities along Montenegro’s coast, such as Budva or Kotor, but it should definitely not be overlooked. It is more of a place for people who prefer quieter cities compared to Budva or Kotor, with enough things to explore. This city has a lot to offer visitors, including a rich history and stunning natural scenery. Its unique atmosphere and authentic charm are frequently overlooked in favor of more popular destinations.

Morning and breakfast

When planning out a one-day trip to any city in the world, one of the first things you have to consider is breakfast – Read about our article on the typical Montenegrin breakfast. When talking about Montenegro, you should never miss out on a breakfast at local bakeries. I suggest having breakfast at one of the neighborhood cafes or bakeries along the main promenade in the city. A wide variety of pastries, croissants, homemade cakes, and fresh fruit juices are available here.

If you are looking for a place that offers a variety of patisseries, my personal favorite is Pekara Tajna My recommendation for anyone visiting Montenegro is definitely a burek with cheese paired with yogurt (this will fill you up for the morning and give you enough energy to start your day). For this option, I recommend Pekara Panino 2, which is located in the old town of Herceg Novi.

While you savor your breakfast, observe the city as it starts to awaken. While visitors are organizing their plans for the day, locals are beginning to gather in cafes. The laid-back vibe is perfect for a leisurely start to the day. One more bonus recommendation, if you are a fan of coffee I recommend grabbing your coffee at Fabrika Coffee which is located in the old town of Herceg Novi (it is my favorite coffee place and most definitely will not disappoint).

Me and my friend enjoying morning coffee at Fabrika Coffe
in Herceg Novi

Before noon

Once you have refueled with a delicious breakfast, it’s time to begin discovering the fascinating historical and cultural gems of Herceg Novi’s old town. With its lengthy and rich history, this city provides you with an experience that will last a lifetime.

Follow the narrow stone streets through the old town. You’ll notice right away that the old town has an energy of the past about it, and that every stone and wall has a story to tell. Wander past the walls of Kanli Tower, a former military stronghold that is now the location of several local artists’ studios and galleries. As to my last knowledge, the entrance to the Forte Kanli is 3 euros per person.

Continue towards the Clock Tower, a commanding structure that reflects the rich past of the city. You can get a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea and the city harbor from there. The clock tower is located at the entrance of the Old Town, between Đurković and Herceg Stefan squares. Sultan Mahmud ordered the construction of the 16-meter-high tower in 1667. The tower is not only a tourist attraction in Herceg Novi, but it is also the city’s main symbol, appearing on the city flag and all promotional materials.

Remember to pay a visit to the Church of St. Jerome. The monumental church of St. Jerome was built in the Old Town on the site of a former mosque. In the middle of the nineteenth century, the church of St. Jerome received its final appearance with a base in the form of a Latin cross. The interior design and architecture of the church amaze every visitor.

Don’t forget to stop by the numerous viewpoints distributed throughout the city when you’re exploring the old town. Every one of them provides a different perspective of the blue ocean and the surrounding mountains. Take a seat on the bench and take in the peace and beauty of the surroundings (you will get to learn that Montenegrins really enjoy the pleasure of leisure, so try to adapt to it as this will give you the ultimate experience of being a local).

Heceg Novi
One of the stunning views in Herceg Novi

Noon & lunch

It is time to eat once you get hungry! Visit one of the traditional restaurants along the coast to sample local cuisine. the restaurant I would recommend for lunch is “Konoba Feral”. This restaurant is known for its fresh seafood and traditional Montenegrin dishes. Located right next to the coast, it offers a beautiful view of the sea, which will additionally complete your gastronomic experience. The prices of meals in the “Konoba Feral” range from 10 to 25 euros per person, depending on the choice of food and drink.

My recommendation is getting a mixed seafood dish, or as I have chosen this time grilled fish which comes served with vegetables. Along with a variety of delicious dishes, don’t forget to top off your meal with a glass of regional wine to help round out your lunch experience.


After lunch, unwind on one of Herceg Novi’s stunning beaches. Zanjice Beach is an ideal spot to swim, sunbathe, or just take in the peace and quiet while listening to the waves. This beach, which is situated on the southwest coast of Luštica Bay, is breathtaking because of its natural beauty and crystal-clear sea.
If you’re seeking peace and quiet away from the crowd and notice of city, Zanjice Beach is the perfect spot.

For lovers of outdoor activities, Zanjice Beach offers various opportunities for exploration. You can rent a kayak or pedal boat and explore nearby coves and hidden caves.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something busier, then you should pay a visit to the local beach of Herceg NoviTopla Plaza. It is partly owned by the hotel. The beach consists of several beaches, with there being a combination of sand and concrete plots. The beach is within walking distance of the bus station and the main entertainment.

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Later in the afternoon

It’s time for a little adventure after you’ve relaxed on the beach and restored your energy from being close to the water! Explore the Forte Mare fortress, which is situated directly on Herceg Novi’s shoreline. One of the city’s most significant historical and cultural attractions is this huge fortress, which was built in the fourteenth century. You will be rewarded with an amazing view of the Adriatic Sea and the surrounding landscapes when you reach the top. From there, you can see the mountains that surround this beautiful city as well as the entire Bay of Boka Kotorska. The entrance to the Forte Mare is two euros per person.

It is located near Herceg Novi’s main pier. Tvdko I, Bosnia’s ruler, built the fortress in the 14th century to protect the area from sea attacks. The Ottoman Empire, the Venetian Republic, and Austria-Hungary all controlled the fortress at different points in time. The fortress was extended and reconstructed over centuries, which is why it is now in perfect condition and open to the public.

The fortress of Forte Mare not only provides breathtaking views but also a chance to delve deeper into the rich past of this city. You can view museum displays and exhibitions there that represent life in Herceg Novi throughout its history. Discover the history of the soldiers who once called these walls home, as well as the part this fortress played in defending the city and its trade routes.

Dinner at the sunset

Now is the perfect time to enjoy a sunset dinner. I suggest finding a restaurant with a terrace and a stunning view of the sea for a truly memorable meal.

For this reason, “Taverna Splendido” is the place I would suggest. This popular restaurant, which blends flavors from around the world with local ingredients, is conveniently situated in the city of Herceg Novi. Their terrace is the perfect location for a sunset dinner because it provides a breathtaking view of the sea and the setting sun.

A meal at the “Splendido” restaurant will likely cost you between 20 and 40 euros per person, depending on what you choose to eat and drink. My usual and favorite order is grilled octopus, however, this time I have opted out for seafood pasta which did not disappoint, and I highly recommend it.

If you are not exhausted from the itinerary I have created for your visit to Herceg Novi, then there is one final spot I will recommend. After you are done with the food, take a walk next to the pier and head over to Pub Got. This pub is special because of its looks. It is filled with photos, old books, instruments, and many different objects, but most importantly, it is filled with a good atmosphere, and the service there is outstanding. Grab a couple of drinks, and get to meet the lovely staff that will tell you everything you need to know about the pub, but also the town itself. It is the perfect place to finish up your day.

Herceg Novi is a city that will remain in your memory, and this one-day itinerary allows you to experience its beauty and charm in the best possible way. I hope these recommendations will help you create an unforgettable experience in this beautiful city on the coast of Montenegro!

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