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Five Traditional Restaurants You Must Try in Kotor


Are you looking for traditional restaurants on your culinary journey in Kotor’s UNESCO World Heritage city? This great town is located in Boka Bay, between the astonishing Montenegrin mountains and the clear blue Adriatic sea. Because of its location, Kotor is famous for its great gastronomic offer and a variety of restaurants with authentic Montenegrin cuisine.

Therefore we have decided to dedicate this blog to the top five traditional restaurants in Kotor that celebrate its profound diversity and culinary heritage. Read along and uncover what must-try dishes and diverse flavors are crafted using local ingredients and age-old recipes.

Exploring Coastal Montenegrin Cuisine: A Symphony of Sea and Tradition

The traditional Montenegrin cuisine combines the sea’s bounty and the region’s earthy produce. Whether grilled or cooked, seafood is the star of coastal Montenegrin gastronomy. Sea bass, mackerel, bream, octopus, mussels, and squid are some menu items prepared in the spirit of Kotor’s rich culinary heritage.

The “Buzara” is the most famous dish due to the traditional method of preparing food. Local chefs combine the main ingredients and slow-cook technique seafood that amplifies the combination of white wine, olive oil, garlic, and herbs. 

The "Buzara" - a traditional seafood meal in Kotor
The “Buzara” – a traditional seafood meal

However, the feast continues, as restaurants also feature traditional meat menus. The must-try items are beef stakes, marinated lamb, and unavoidable traditional Balkan barbeque. The flavors are elevated by an array of locally grown Mediterranean vegetables like tomatoes, olives, bell peppers, and aubergines.

Top 5 Traditional Restaurants in Kotor: A Gastronomic Voyage

This next section will unveil our top five traditional restaurants in Kotor. Each of them offers an authentic slice of Montenegrin cuisine for everyone’s taste.

The “Stari Mlini”

The “Stari Mlini” is a must-try spot for a truly authentic Montenegrin gastronomic place housed in a centuries-old mill. Their menu effortlessly combines traditional flavors with the freshest local produce.

Its signature dish, the Baked Octopus, became famous for its freshness and exceptional taste as it is cooked to perfection using age-old techniques passed down through generations. Although the “Stari Mlini” chefs preserved Montenegrin’s culinary heritage, they also included contemporary dishes so guests could enjoy themselves.

Restaurant "Stari Mlini" Kotor, Montenegro
Restaurant “Stari Mlini” – Martin Siepmann

Precisely because “Stari Mlini” offers both an enjoyable atmosphere and spectacular food, it is rightfully on the list of must-try restaurants in Kotor, Montenegro.

Contact information: Ljuta BB, Kotor, Montenegro; Phone number: + 382 32 333 555

Konoba “Scala Santa”

As you explore the captivating beauty of Kotor, the city center also reveals various dining options. For those seeking an authentic culinary experience, Konoba “Scala Santa” is the destination that should not be missed.

This charming traditional style “Konoba” serves some of the finest dishes in Kotor. Their much-loved Black Risotto, made with cuttlefish ink and locally sourced seafood, encapsulates Montenegro’s maritime heritage on a plate.

Konoba "Scala Santa"  Kotor, Montenegro
Konoba “Scala Santa”

Konoba “Scala Santa” stands as a testament to Kotor’s gastronomy, with various meat and vegetarian dishes. Thus, this incredible restaurant and its exceptional menu should be a must-stop on your list while exploring the magical coast of Montenegro.

Contact Information: Trg od Salate, Kotor, Montenegro; Phone number: +382 67 393 458

The ” Little Bay”

For an authentic taste of Montenegrin culinary tradition in the heart of Old Town, you should visit the “Little Bay” restaurant. This splendid restaurant is a hub of traditional cuisine, located on one of the signature Kotor squares.

The “Little Bay” has a variety of delicacies on its menu, while its standout dish is the Seafood Paella. This authentic dish presents a platter of the freshest seafood and aromatic herbs, mirroring Kotor’s deep-rooted connection with the Adriatic Sea.

Restaurant “Little Bay” – Zoe Tunmer

As a great stop for a culinary experience, the ” Little Bay” is a delightful spot to enjoy Kotor’s charms and create food memories.

Contact information: Stari Grad 343, Kotor, Montenegro; Phone number: +382 67 512 494

The “Tanjga”

Famed for its casual, homely atmosphere, the “Tanjga” restaurant offers marvelous culinary experiences that live up to the traditional grill culture of Montenegro.

The Cevapi is their specialty, grilled on the traditional stove and roll of seasoned minced meat, and is a signature Montenegrin cuisine. True meat eaters will be experiencing a mouthful of history with every bite.

Restaurant "Tanjga", Kotor, Montenegro
Restaurant “Tanjga” – A.J Froman

With a passion for maintaining the authenticity of Kotor’s food culture, “Tanjga” is a truly authentic stop in the gastronomic adventure through Kotor.

Contact information: E65, Kotor, Montenegro; Phone number: +382 69 863 836

Restaurant “Vidikovac”

Besides the picturesque old city, Kotor also offers a breathtaking panoramic view. The experience is even better with an unforgettable meal from a must-try menu at Restaurant ” Vidikovac”.

Located high above the city, this restaurant offers Kotor Bay at the palm of your hand while you enjoy its signature dish – the Vidikovac Mixed Grill. This dish features an assortment of locally sourced meats cooked over an open flame.

Restaurant "Vidikovac"  Kotor, Montenegro
Restaurant “Vidikovac”

Combining the location and exquisite food, “Vidikovac” soon became an essential checkpoint for tourists looking for an exceptional gastronomic experience in Kotor.

Contact information: Vidikovac bb, Kotor, Montenegro; Phone number: + 382 69 390 062

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Kotor is not only a unique historical place but a brimming gastronomic hub. It has great dining spots that food explorers, simply can’t afford to miss. From the charming old-world “Stari Mlini” to “Restaurant Vidikovac,” a restaurant with a view that takes your breath away, your tastebuds are in for an extraordinary treat.

Delight in the local seafood specialties at “Konoba Scala Santa” and ” Little Bay,” both nestled in the heart of Kotor’s cobblestone streets. And let’s not overlook the homely charm of “Tanjga,” serving hearty traditional Montenegrin comfort food.

We hope our culinary journey through Kotor’s traditional restaurants has inspired you to visit them on your gastronomic voyage through Montenegro. We promise it will be an adventure of flavors that leaves you yearning for more.

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