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Salsa Evenings and Organic Market: A Celebration of Summer in Luštica Bay

A Vibrant Calendar of Events

An exciting roster of events is poised to enthrall visitors in Luštica Bay through to the end of July. The Marina area and Centrale Piazza are primed to be hubs of joy and energy, catering to a wide array of interests across all age demographics.

Organic Market: Celebrating Local Produce

On Sunday, July 9, the Organic Market is set to make its debut. This event is the first in a series of bazaars that will spotlight a range of locally grown and produced items, transforming Piazza Centrale into a bustling market of local goods every Sunday.

Between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm, Centrale Piazza will come alive, mirroring the warm hues and energetic atmosphere of a seaside marketplace. Visitors can explore an assortment of gastronomic delights from Montenegro, as well as locally crafted items.

An Invitation to Luštica Bay

As the first integrated city on our coastline, Luštica Bay serves as more than just an idyllic destination for residents and guests who seek a serene setting for spending quality time with family and friends. The area offers a myriad of activities and attractions for day-trippers, vacationers, sports enthusiasts, and friendly gatherings across all age groups. We cordially invite everyone to partake in the multitude of entertaining and diverse experiences on offer.

Sonja Banićević, the event supervisor at Luštica Bay, anticipates with enthusiasm the arrival of visitors to our Piazza. The eclectic mix of events, from exploring the bazaar to enjoying salsa evenings and other facilities, promises a fulfilling and engaging experience for all.

Salsa Nights: An Invitation to Dance

Adding a dash of excitement to our summer events is the highly anticipated Salsa Nights, featuring performances by the Cubalcanica band. These lively evenings, scheduled for once a month on July 11, August 19, and September 2, are set to draw dance enthusiasts to Marina Village and Central. The infectious Latin rhythms will create a charged and joyous atmosphere that is sure to captivate attendees.

The inaugural “Salsa Night” will commence on Tuesday, July 11, at Piazza Centrale, running from 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm. The Cubalcanica band, notable for their vivacious summer attire and decor, will be accompanied by dancers hailing directly from Cuba.

Celebrating Statehood Day

On July 13, a mere two days following the debut Salsa Night, we will be commemorating Statehood Day with a grand celebration at the Amphitheater. This significant date in Montenegrin history will be honoured with live musical performances and a bazaar brimming with local specialties and artisanal creations.

From 7 p.m. until an hour before midnight, the bazaar will showcase a selection of Montenegrin delicacies. At 9 p.m., the Amphitheater will resonate with the captivating melodies of a live performance by violinist Verica Čuljković and Quartet Unique, making for a night to remember.

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