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Best Bars in Kotor to Explore This Summer

What is a perfect way to soak in Boka’s natural and historical wonders than by sipping a drink in one of the best bars in Kotor?

The drinking culture of this gorgeous city and its gastronomical landscape has been a well-cherished features that both locals and foreigners like to explore. This is precisely why some of the best bars in Kotor have been set in its Old Town. In this way, they embrace the spirit of Boka and the history of the location. Meanwhile, these bars still providing the modern comforts that visitors seek.

Kotor's Old Town - Vyacheslav Shevchenko
Kotor’s Old Town – Vyacheslav Shevchenko

Bars in Kotor are truly remarkable as they include anything from cold local beer and homemade wine to natural and organic juices and spectacular coffee. This incredible city is also known for its remarkable hospitality. This is combined with a marvellous selection of cosy pubs and bars. Therefore, here, you can soak in calming melodies or chat with friends.

Therefore, when visiting Montenegro, especially Boka Bay and Kotor, ensure not to miss the relaxed atmosphere in numerous bars scattered around the city. To help you choose from versatile offers, we have curated the list. In this way, you make the best choice during your visit.

Keep reading and discover the best bars in Kotor to explore this summer.

Best Bars in Kotor

Pub “Old Town”

Pub “Old Town” is one of the gems of Kotor’s pub scene. It is chosen by locals and tourists as the ultimate place to grab a cold beer. This is also the spot to enjoy delicious food and dance into the night. Its location in the heart of the historic core allows you to enjoy cobblestone streets, while street cats will join the party, especially if you are tasting “njeguski prsut” as finger food.

Pub “Old Town” best bars in Kotor
Pub “Old Town”

Pub “Old Town” is often visited due to its incredible music list that blasts into the early morning hours. Here, you will uncover new genres of music or enjoy the ultimate evergreens. However, don’t miss out on klapa music, which will introduce you to the night out in Boka.

All this makes “Old Town” pub a truly great place to dance your way into the night and enjoy one of the best bars in Kotor.

Pub “AS”

The exclusive hotel “Cattaro” at the entrance of Old Town hides one of the best bars in the city, “AS.” Here, you will truly enjoy all the charms of Montenegrin hospitality. As has exquisite staff and a well-crafted menu of local wines, cocktails, and hot drinks. The cosy atmosphere, which is also very calm and inviting for big groups, will mesmerize you. Therefore, this is an ideal place for a quiet night out while sipping well-priced Montenegrin wines.

Pub "AS"
Pub “AS”

Pub “AS” is also on the list of best bars in Kotor due to the incredible food offered. Guests often choose Mediterranean platters to complete the entire experience. However, what makes this pub truly unique is its rooftop space on the walls of Citaled. This open-air area is truly unmatched when it comes to the view of the port of Kotor.

This makes the pub “AS” stand out among the other bars in the area, which is why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to book a table.

“Square” Pub

As the name states, “Square” pub is one of the best bars in Kotor, located on St.Triphyns Square. Its splendid location, with the cathedral as a backdrop and live music, will invite you to spend time and enjoy Kotor’s wonders.

"Square" Pub
“Square” Pub

This pub has a typical food and drink menu, including traditional Montenegrin platters, pizza and pasta. There is also a variety of fresh fish dishes as their “catch of the day menu” is a popular option. Square Pub rightfully belongs to the best bars list as it is known for its very welcoming staff who will make your stay memorable.

The thing that locals but also international guests excel at is the exceptional cocktail list that is truly unmatched. Therefore make sure not to miss the local tribute bands while sipping drink and enjoying “Montenegrin” salad at the sunset above Old Town.

The “Nitrox” Pub and Eatery

Nitrox is a welcoming spot where locals and tourists meet and enjoy completely new experiences. Located in Old Town, this is one of the best bars priced for almost two hundred items on the menu. These include also food options to complete your experience. 

The “Nitrox” Pub and Eatery
The “Nitrox” Pub and Eatery

Nitrox Pub’s well-deserved spot on the best bars list comes from its cocktail craftsmanship, which will leave you speechless. Their incredible staff will make sure to adapt any item on the menu to your preferences or simply offer you a new cocktail to try.

In addition to the versatile offer, Nitrox is known for its nightlife and incredible live music sets that attract huge crowds. This is a truly unique place where gastronomy, music fusion and incredible hospitality meet. Therefore, when in Kotor, make sure not to miss this experience, which will make you feel truly special.

Jazz Club “Evergreen”

Jazz-infused environment with black and white movies displayed on the facades of surrounding buildings is the best way to describe the “Evergreen” pub. This authentic and artistic bar is set in a calm alley within Old Town walls. It has been recognised as one of the local’s favourites due to the quality service, good food and space where they can chant with their friends. Their menu includes typical local and international dishes, but the true star is their list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. These include specially-made cocktails and local beers. Many guests especially emphasise the homemade merlot, the true star of the menu that will keep you coming back.

Jazz Club “Evergreen”
Jazz Club “Evergreen”

Each night, different movie classics are played on the backdrop. Meanwhile, the slow and enchanting jazz notes complete the atmosphere. Therefore, this is one of the best bars to enjoy a quiet night with friends. Evergreen is also a spot that should not be missed if you want to observe Kotor from another perspective and dive into an avant-garde experience.

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